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Riatalks, Snooker and Joker

I usually have a problem giving breaks. My body stopped sending signals to my brain long time ago, due to not getting back any. However I realized that I have limits too.

I was at the riatalks, a two day event at two separate conference halls. I worked out a plan and was going to be able to attend all talks that interested me. However, I forgot one small thing, timing is not an additive function around here. At the first day, even though some presenters couldn’t make it, talks was not over when I had to leave.

At that time, my body had a few reservations already. Some of you might know, snooker is a demanding game, physically and mentally. So I had to shutdown the message queue completely. In contrast, I had my personal best after 5 hours and just before my last sip at 2 A.M. Snooker is sometimes called chess with balls, however chess is a rather simple game. Snooker is pretty much Go with sticks to me.

Second day things got worse, time wise. I kept running between the halls, to see if any starts on time. Still I had the chance to chat with yesterdays last presenter, Daron Yondem. Daron and Ferruh Mavituna (in Turkish) had the best presentation skills at the talks. I am certainly not an authority but I can at least suggest everyone to read scott’s tips. Needless to say, I had to leave early for another round of snooker.

I closed the weekend with another physical challenge. We went to “The Dark Knight” at an IMAX theater, together with my snooker body. I heard the most stupid excuse to not giving a break, “… since this is an IMAX …”. Rest should be ” and as technology advance, we go backwards …”. I know intermissions are not common in most of the countries, but this movie’s length is not common either. I was cool with it but I saw people suffer.

Everyone suggests watching the movie in an IMAX theater however even 4K resolution is not enough at a big enough screen. Simple division that is, however if you had seen the movie, you might wanna check out how other math guys watched it, beware of the spoilers.

Today, I can tell by the mirror that breaks are necessary, so here is one.

How many blograms of inventure have I got?

It has been a while since my last post. I am not sure why. My intention was to keep it rolling at least once a week. It was not a bad start either. I guess, I thought that a series of articles would help me focus. Since articles were technical, I gained a bit of recognition. So, why not continue? I was really busy at work, but knowing that is never an excuse for me, I kept looking.

Now, I realize that I felt obliged to keep the style. I didn’t want to steal readers’ time with my personal ramblings. Each time I started writing a new post, I found a different reason not to. Sometimes, I wasn’t happy with the quality. Some were a lot more time consuming than it should be, especially C++ ones. I wanted to write articles which were original if not extra-ordinary. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. I have got to make mistakes and make them soon. Not only that, I know why I want to make mistakes. Here is the story.

Last month, I made a few important decisions about my life. Maybe the most important of all was to quit my job. It was a sudden decision. After a couple of though weeks, I managed to clean up my ongoing tasks and proved my sketches to my ex-co-workers. I had no plans, whatsoever. Initial reactions were like “- Where is your new workplace ? — There isn’t any “. Only a few close friends did not act as if I had lost my mind. Without a regret, I gave myself a few weeks of rest. A sabbatical year is not common among programmers, I suppose. I don’t want to be an exception either. Still, I couldn’t decide what to do. I’ve had times, considering opportunities abroad. Although, most suitable jobs for me are located in the States, family stuff keeps me in İstanbul. To keep a long story short, I want to target software developers and the reason of this alone requires a new post.

Yesterday, when I started my computer, I had over 500 unread posts on my reader. I read reluctantly until an inspiring post by Jeff Atwood. In my case, I feel like closing without a bookmark and going to open a random page. I want to keep reading this programming book and wish, I could read it all. It’s just that, I suspect a lifetime is not enough. There were still over 500 posts, waiting for me to read, but I decided to add one for you. For now, it looks like my adventures on inventing new ways to program will continue on this blog. I can wait a couple of more years. In the mean time, I hope this blog will gain weight and help me along. By the way, for a retirement plan, I imagine myself as a benevolent dictator of a new programming language ( a country would also do ) and bashing the young guys, who never stops coming with all kinds of strange ideas!

P.S. If you were expecting a WPF related article, soon I will write another post about an open source project of mine.